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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 987 - Missing is Missing (Seeking Subscriptions)

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ThunderClan: "..."

Jiang Lack's strength was clearly beyond their expectations and made them look ugly.

A few Dou Zun, plus a few Dou Saints, had all been turned into cripples by a few finger points from Jiang Lack.

Although they were not dead, they were not far from death.

And with their cultivation crippled, living was not much different from dying.

Their miserable fate had begun.

The people of the Thunder Clan who had planned to sit on the viewing wall were now all livid as well.

The visitor was actually so strong.

Who was their Thunder Clan's opponent.

One had to know that in the time it took to snap one's fingers just now, their Thunder Clan had quite a few strong Dou Shengs.

But none of them were able to react.

Or retreated away from them.

So they all suffered.

Although their Thunder Clan still had cards to play, and although they had been operating in the Thunder Realm for many years, they might not be afraid of Jiang Xiao and his four men.

But it was always a bit worrying.


And anger.

They naturally had these in their hearts.

"Who is this person, and why have you never heard or seen him before?"

"We also don't know where this man came from, and his last name is unknown."

"What should we do then?"

"Isn't the Thunder Clan about to suffer a great calamity, this person is menacing and openly demands that we dedicate all our techniques and fighting skills, as well as the endless collection of resources of the Thunder Clan over the past countless years, how can we do this?"

"This brat clearly wants to break all of our Thunder Clan's foundations, it's so abominable."

"Why don't we fight him?"

"What to spell it with."


There was no way to fight for one's life, this could be seen from the means that Jiang Chi had just displayed, Jiang Chi was a really strong person.

With a flick of his finger, he couldn't even dodge a strong Dou Sheng, what kind of strength was this.

Peak 9-star Dou Sheng?

Or is it Dou Di?

Those people from the Thunder Clan didn't know, nor did they know what kind of skills Jiang lacked specifically.

They just felt that it would be too risky to risk their lives.

And if they didn't, Jiang Yao wouldn't leave, and they had just suffered heavy losses that the Thunder Clan wouldn't be able to recover from in the next couple of hundred years.

After all, several of the Dou Saints had suffered tragically.

In an instant.

The remaining ones of the Thunder Clan went silent, before they had said all sorts of hard words and dao all sorts of overbearing and proud language.

Right now, they could only respond with silence.

Although they were a bit proud, and although they were also arrogant, they weren't stupid, but on the contrary they were also smart.

It was precisely because they were smart that they could see more clearly than anyone else that today's matter was afraid that they could not be good enough, nor could they just fight to the death.

Even if they fought they might not be able to win.

This person was able to pass through the means they had set up in the outside world unharmed, and was able to enter the Thunder Realm silently, and in a split second, point a few fingers and cripple many Dou Zun and Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan, definitely not an ordinary person.

How could the rest of them be opponents.

Although there were still high-ranking Dou Sheng ancestors, but that middle-ranking ancestor wouldn't come out until the family was on the verge of survival.

Now they were a bit embarrassed and their faces were so pale.

"Let's discuss, let's go talk to this person and see if he can lower the conditions a bit."

Someone from the Thunder Clan suddenly said, "Our clan has topography books for both techniques and fighting skills, there's no harm in giving him a copy, but resources are a must, it's a matter of life and death for our Thunder Clan."

"It seems like that's the only way."

They cried and laughed for a while, and their moods were ten thousand times more depressed, and their faces were hard to see.

As one of the Eight Ancient Clans, they had never thought that one day the Thunder Clan would actually be forced into such a situation.

It was truly a bit hush-hush.

"Let's go, that person must have discovered us all as well, the reason he didn't do anything must be that he was waiting for us to go down."

"That's right, there must be a flaw in hiding in the void as well, that person should have discovered it long ago."

"The main thing is that with his strength, even if we were prepared and expected, we're just not his match."

That was the difficult part.

They didn't have any bottom in their hearts at all.

Very helpless and depressingly tight, the Thunder Clan, one of the Ancient Eight Clans, was actually not weak in the Ancient Eight Clans, yet they had ended up in this situation.

They were really so unhappy.

The rest of them Jiang Xiao didn't intend to kill them all, after all, he wasn't a murderous demon, so he was waiting for those people to come out.

There were some people who, after you scared him, would drop their original pride and arrogance and then whisper and beg for mercy.

Jiang Chi indifferently looked at the group of people who had suddenly appeared in front of him, they all had the same clothing, and they all had a Thunder Seal logo engraved on them.

It was considered to be the Thunder Clan's own unique marker.

But right now those few Dou Zun and a one-star Dou Sheng all looked ugly, their hearts overflowing with endless tears and laughter.

Secretly, they said, "As expected, this person looks young but actually has a remarkable skill, looking at his smiling face, the reason why he didn't do anything is just because he's waiting for us to come out."

So when these people of the Thunder Clan saw Jiang Di, it was already clear in their hearts that this person must be waiting for them to come out.

The unfortunate ones who had been unlucky before were probably a way for Jiang Chi to kill the chicken and warn the monkey.

"It's just that, I didn't expect that our Thunder Clan would have this day."

"Yeah, originally we all thought that we were one of the Eight Ancient Clans, and that absolutely no strong person in heaven and earth would dare to do anything to our Thunder Clan, but the truth is that we were wrong."

"Let's have a good discussion with this person in front of us, perhaps there's still a chance for this matter to change."

Those individuals of the Thunder Clan exchanged glances the moment they saw Jiang Di.

Each of them understood in their own hearts that the current situation was definitely not favorable to their Thunder Clan, nor was it the time to fight to the death.

Besides, they couldn't win a fight.

It was just that these people of the Thunder Clan might not have noticed that the moment they came out, Jiang Mo's bantering eyes fell on them.

He couldn't help but secretly say, "Some things are missed; some opportunities are missed; some opportunities are lost.

Although this seat would like to discuss with you, the conditions will not change."

He knew what these people were thinking, and it was nothing more than asking him to lower his conditions, but would he, Jiang Ji, change his conditions?

Naturally, they wouldn't.

At this time, the few people from the Thunder Clan slowly walked up to Jiang Ji, still looking a bit reserved.

But they all arched their hands and said, "The people of the Thunder Clan pay their respects to Senior, but I do not know what is the matter of Senior's visit to our Thunder Clan?"

Their words made Jiang Xiao feel a little funny, before when there was a left-right kid.

Now he had actually become a senior.

And after almost killing quite a few Dou Zun and Dou Sheng powerhouses of the Thunder Clan, these people actually managed to whisper to him.

It was as if they were very amiable.

This was a bit surprising, it was really a bit of banter.

But at this time, Jiang Xiao was not so thoughtful, he said, "There is no need to be polite, this seat is only here to ask for something from your Thunder Clan, and will not do anything until it is absolutely necessary."

Thunder Clan: "........"

What about the fact that you just went out of your way to cripple several of our Thunder Clan's Dou Zun and Dou Sheng powerhouses.

It was a bit frightening, what if they angered this senior and then nudged them a few times, wouldn't they also have to jump on the heels of those few ancestors of the Thunder Clan?

At the thought of this situation, the ones from the Thunder Clan all became bitter faces, incomparably sad.

They felt that they probably didn't read the yellow calendar when they went out today, or else they wouldn't have been so embarrassed as they are now.

It was truly humiliating, and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

To think that they were also a member of the Thunder Clan and were proud sons of the heavens, and the Thunder Clan was one of the Eight Ancient Clans and was in the Thunder Realm.

By all rights they are invincible in your Thunder Realm, but this time they have to grovel, which is truly unpleasant in their hearts.

If they could, they would have killed Jiang Xiao countless times in their hearts.

Because of this man's appearance, their Thunder Clan's strength had been greatly reduced, they had suffered heavy losses, were no longer invincible, and were in danger of being annihilated.

Anyone else would have to be cautious about this.

But what made them even angrier was that before they could even say those words of deliberation, Jiang Chi seemed to know what they were going to say and closed their way of retreat with a few words.

Since the conditions wouldn't be changed or lowered, what was the purpose of their deliberation?

Kung fu and fighting techniques could be given to people, after all, they all had topography versions, but the endless resources that had been treasured for countless years could never be given to the others.

Otherwise, their Thunder Clan would be doomed, and I'm afraid they would really be close to annihilation ah.

For a moment.

The faces of those in the Thunder Clan all even looked ugly, and the only remaining Dou Sheng suddenly said, "Your Excellency, we have deliberated, it's fine to show your Excellency the techniques and fighting skills, it's those resources.

I'm sure you know that those resources were painstakingly collected by our Thunder Clan ancestors, and that we Thunder Clan people need those resources as well.


When he said that, he hesitantly looked at Jiang Xiao.

Cautious, but also afraid that Jiang Lack would get angry over it.

Who knows. Jiang Chi smiled plainly, "I don't care how those resources were collected by your Thunder Clan, I don't know if you want to use them or not, but in short, I can't return empty-handed this time over.

If you Thunder Clan don't give them, then this seat will have to go get them myself."

Thunder Clan crowd: "......."

This was clearly an act of banditry, a clear attempt to forcefully take their Thunder Clan's resources.

But none of these angry words they dared to say directly.

They were already thinking in their hearts.

If Jiang Chi were to take it himself, only a little bit wouldn't be left for them; and if they were to hand it over of their own accord, perhaps a percent or two would remain.

It didn't seem like Jiang Hou would say anything more, after all, that was the hidden meaning of his words.

For a moment, the Thunder Clan's crowd fell silent, and it was really hard for them to carry out Jiang Lack's conditions.

That was too hard.

How many resources there were in the Thunder Clan might not be specific to any of them, but there must be a lot.

The thought that all of these resources would be snatched away by the man in front of them was not a taste in their hearts, it was like having a piece of flesh cut off from their bodies.

It hurt.

If they could, they actually wanted to tell Jiang Hou to roll out of the Thunder Realm so that they could completely shut down the Thunder Realm and never go out for eternity.

This man was too abominable, but he was so strong that no one from the Thunder Clan dared to act rashly.

If something were to happen, it could involve the Thunder Clan, and that wouldn't be something those people of the Thunder Clan would want to see.

The heart could not help but feel a little bitter.

Thus, the Dou Sheng level powerhouse continued to speak again, "My lord, the resources are really..."

But this time, he was interrupted by Jiang Chi without waiting for him to finish, "The matter of resources is your business, I just want results.

Besides, the fact that this seat didn't immediately start the robbery is actually considered giving face to your Thunder Clan, otherwise you people wouldn't be able to stop this seat.

A miss is a miss, so how would this seat give you guys a chance to bargain.

Then again, you guys have no room for bargaining!"


The Thunder Clan crowd was once again choked with anger by Jiang Ji's words, not that they didn't want to be tougher, but it was because Jiang Ji's tactics just now were too terrifying.

It was still vivid in his mind.

He was still a little scared.

This heart was also not much stronger and was also quite depressed.

At the mention of the clansmen, the faces of those strong men of the Thunder Clan couldn't help but change for a while.

Some of them were strange.

It seemed difficult to choose between them for a moment, but Jiang Qiao didn't care about them that much.


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