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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 986 - Who's Dying? (subscription sought)

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The Thunder Clan, one of the eight ancient clans, had produced Thunder Attribute Dou Di in their ancestors, so all of their children and grandchildren's bloodlines had the Thunder Attribute in them.

Ever since the Dou Qi Continent started not lagging behind, the Thunder Clan had become a thing of the past.

Of course, they were still strong in the Dou Qi Continent and even more invincible in the Thunder Realm.

Because this was their territory.

But this invincibility was relative, and Jiang Xiao felt that these geniuses of the Lei Clan might be a bit overstated.

Was it easy for him, Jiang Someone, to dispatch them?

Apparently not.

In the face of that cold and stern rebuke, he held firm, as if nothing had happened.

The look was calm and relaxed, "District Thunder Clan, it's not enough."

He did sense a few powerful scents, but they were all old.

And they weren't a match for him, Jiang Liao.

In this situation, how the Thunder Clan was still a thorn in his side, it was not a threat at all, it could only be considered a bigger grasshopper.

However, Pill Dust and Wind Leisure who came together were hardened and shocked by this scene.

They weren't strong nowadays, it was really frightening, "What if this group of Thunder Clan's head is twitching and they kill over."

They were also worried.

However, after seeing Jiang Jian's calm and indifferent face, they had to settle down and calm down again.

Jiang Qiao said, "Thunder Clan, thunder attributed dou qi cultivators are a bit interesting, but I'm afraid you guys are going to be unlucky today."

Isn't it bad luck to run into him, Jiang Chi, but he was known as an existence like Jiang Old Devil.

In this Dou Qi Continent, he was invincible, and even the Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan was only afraid that he was no match for him, Jiang Someone.

It was because of these various bottoms up that Jiang Chi dared to hit the Ancient Eight Clans.

He wouldn't fight the Ancient Eight Clans without strength and a bottom, he wouldn't fight the Ancient Eight Clans' autumn wind like that, it was brainless.

It was Jiang Xiao's expectation that the Thunder Clan would be so arrogant and proud, but as Pill Dust had said, the Thunder Clan was one of the Eight Ancient Clans, and people's ancestors had been strong existences.

Naturally, there was a certain amount of pride.

This was also a perfectly normal thing.

It's just that treating him, Jiang Sheng, as an ordinary idle person is the Lei Clan's biggest mistake.

Did he seem like the kind of person who could defeat anyone?

Absolutely not.

Faintly looking at those powerful existences in the Thunder Realm, he suddenly said, "Everyone in the Thunder Clan, listen up, hand over your Thunder Clan's techniques and fighting skills, as well as the resources you've collected over the years, or else this seat doesn't mind exterminating you."

Thunder Clan crowd: "........"

No one actually answered for a while.

Seemingly dumbfounded or stunned by these words of Jiang Qian, he couldn't help but think to himself, "Is this person not insane in the head?"

Daring to speak to their Thunder Clan like this, was he not awake or did he really have the guts to be this big.

The entire Thunder Realm was inexplicably quiet.

It seemed like they all wanted to see a joke.

"This person actually dares to trespass into our Thunder Realm and speak out of turn, I don't know where he got his confidence from."

"If our Thunder Clan was easily exterminated, it would probably have been exterminated countless times already."

"Interesting, there are only four people in their party, but they have quite a few thoughts in mind."

"I guess they want to die themselves."

"I think so too, otherwise it wouldn't even explain why they came to trouble our Thunder Clan."


Anyway, many of them couldn't understand that just four people dared to come to the Thunder Clan to look for trouble, could it be that they really thought their lives were too long?

How else would they come to a place like this and ask them to hand over all their techniques and fighting skills, as well as that endless collection of resources, wouldn't that be causing trouble for them.


The people of the Thunder Clan suddenly understood one thing, and that was that Jiang Jiankou's move was clearly an attempt to rob the Thunder Clan.

Previously, they had only felt that this group of four was uncaring and arrogant, but now it seemed that they were not only uncaring, but also had ulterior motives.

"It's just that they are just ideas after all, they won't be able to transform reality, they are merely brain tics."

"Throughout the ages, there have been quite a few people who wanted to rob our Thunder Clan, but in the end they all returned hot or died, which do you think these people before you will be?"

"Naturally the latter, they're doing their own death, so how can we not be adults."

"Yes pole."

Dao Dao's cold and stern gaze came towards Jiang Liao and the others, quite unconcerned with the four of them.

--After all, they were from the Thunder Clan, descendants of the Dou Emperor, the supremely strong generation, and how could they be compared to ordinary people.

They were already good at cultivating Dou Qi, they were already proud of their heavenly pride, so how could they put Jiang in their eyes.

It was because they were convinced that there was no Jiang Ji among the other tribes, and they had never heard of Jiang Ji even though they often walked around Central China.

It only felt that these four people in front of them were looking for death.

No, they should be seeking their own death.

Feeling that they wanted to be arrogant with a bit of cultivation, so they were prepared to use their Thunder Clan as a millstone.


In the eyes of the Thunder Clan's seed, this idea of Jiang lacking and theirs was too late and too far away.

Of course, it was also too naive.

Thinking that they, the Thunder Clan, were weak and incompetent people, so they wanted to randomly fight and kill and even threaten without thinking.

If this had been put in the past they would have been furious.

It's true that the Thunder Clan is in decline, but even a declining Thunder Clan can't be annihilated by a mere four of you.

They're not stupid.

Another thing, the only reason they hadn't made a move yet was because they wanted to see how Jiang Liao's group of four people had become jumping clowns.

That was why they had been observing in secret.

In particular, those strong men who considered themselves to be proud of the heavens hadn't taken Jiang Lack and the four of them seriously, and in their opinion, these four could be beaten and killed at any time, so it didn't matter.

It was just that they didn't know that Jiang Lack's powerful strength wasn't something they could deal with either, and strong power was brewing in his Jiang someone's body like a storm.

Just waiting for the time to explode.

Of course, to Jiang Hou, the Thunder Clan was just a bunch of earthy insects that could be killed at any time.

So there was no hurry for him, anyway, he Jiang Someone didn't have anything else, he still had plenty of time.

It was just as well to see the show and see how their Thunder Clan would deal with the situation at hand.

It wasn't good for the Lei Clan right now anyway, "It would be easy for me to deal with them instead, there's no rush."

He Jiang lacked plenty of time, those people of the Thunder Clan said that he was dead, but instead he thought that those people of the Thunder Clan might be the ones who were dying.

Thinking that he Jiang someone was dead not.

"Oh, a bunch of insects, death is death!"

He was the one who didn't take the Thunder Clan's group of people to heart at all, and looking calm, Jiang Guiao said, "Ere you don't hand over your techniques and resources now, this is the true way to survive.

Otherwise, if this seat uses thunderbolts, you and the others will die without a burial place.

Human death is just a matter of moments!"

The Thunder Clan crowd: "..."

Jiang Xiao's words were a bit scary, but no one from the Thunder Clan spoke, they weren't intimidated by Jiang Xiao's few words.

The Lei Clan was able to become one of the Eight Ancient Clans, and it wasn't all luck that the Lei Clan had been able to stand on the Dou Qi Continent for so many years.

They looked calm as hell, and their old faces looked at Jiang Chi teasingly, probably wanting to see what this mouthy man wanted to do.

Jiang Chi, in the eyes of the Ancient Eight Clans, he was just an anthill, not enough to be feared.

Therefore, they felt that Jiang Liao was just talking big.

With a flash of cold eyes, Jiang Chi looked deeply unhappy that this group of people didn't even buy it.

The people of the Thunder Clan were truly arrogant, even more so than him, Jiang Someone.

"But that's just it."

He, Jiang Chi, was not an existence that was easy to live with, and while it was true that it was unreasonable for him to come to beat the autumn breeze and search the Ancient Eight Clans, which of the Ancient Eight Clans was a benign one again.

Not to mention that this world was already a place where the strong were the most important.

Where the weak have the right to speak.

There were plenty of things where one disagreement would lead to a big fight, and there were plenty of things where one incorrect sentence would lead to killing and seizing treasure, and he was not the first to do so.

"Besides, I've already given them the chance, it's the Thunder Clan themselves who don't want this great opportunity."

He couldn't blame him, Jiang Someone, for wanting the Lei Clan's techniques and fighting skills for a mere glance.

As for the resources, it was a forceful robbery.

He also frankly admitted that none of the Ancient Eight Clans were any good, they had treasured resources for countless years, so why shouldn't they be able to rob them by force.

How much of those resources were obtained by the Ancient Eight Clans themselves, and how much were obtained by robbing others, only they themselves would know.

After all, it was impossible for them to get all the resources themselves, so robbery was inevitable.

So Jiang Xiao felt no guilt at all, he was normal.

As for this Thunder Clan that didn't listen to anyone's advice, when the time came, he would push across and just kill them.

Kill whoever stops him.

Let's see who can stop him, so Jiang Chi narrowed his eyes slightly, "You're going to have bad luck if you don't listen to advice, huh?"


Once again, the people of the Thunder Clan were stunned, and they couldn't help but think to themselves, "This person can't have gotten it right yet."

Coming to the Thunder Realm and still daring to be so arrogant, you have to know that the Thunder Realm is the territory of their Thunder Clan, a place that has strong Dou Shengs sitting in it.

Or where does the bottom line come from to be arrogant and flighty?

"Kid, you're already getting further and further down the road to death, but do you really think this is enough to make us Thunder Clan cower and fear?"

"It's normal for a young man to think naively, but he has some guts to hit our Thunder Clan's head even when robbing."

"It's rare for him to be able to pass through the boundary protection means laid out by our Thunder Clan, it's just a pity that his head isn't a bit bright."


Many of the Thunder Clan began to speak one word to another, looking strangely incomparable.

There were ridicule, taunts, and even banter in there.

They all wanted to watch the show, as if it was the only way to appear the genius respect of their Thunder Clan people.

It was what made them appear powerful.

As for what others thought, they didn't mind, it had nothing to do with them anyway.

Just with a slight smile, Jiang Di walked in the Thunder Realm in one step, looking at the palace complex not far away, as well as those hidden existences around him.

The breath on his body suddenly burst out, terrifyingly so, spreading out towards the surroundings like that stormy rain.

Immediately after.

He continuously tapped his finger towards several places around, and those Thunder Clan people hiding in the shadows let out a scream.

No matter if they were Dou Zun or the rumored Dou Sheng, they all ended up bleeding from their eyes.

Although Jiang Mo hadn't killed them, he had caused these Thunder Clan people to bleed from their seven apertures and their entire cultivation to be crippled.


Numerous surprised and terrifying voices rang out throughout the Thunder Realm.

Those in the Thunder Clan were suddenly a little scared, they might be the ones to die.


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