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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 985 - Everywhere You Can Cultivate Immortality (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Is that how Jiang Daoist rushed over there?"

Pill Dust and Wind Leisure were both stunned, was this too risky and rash?

After all, the Thunder Clan wasn't weak.

But Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Everything in the world is Dao, and the life of an immortal cultivator is dual cultivation, with the Primordial Spirit as the main focus, but the physical body is also important."

This time also for the cultivation of immortality to comprehend the Dao.

Pillow Dust, Wind Leisure: "........"

They always felt that Jiang Xiao was saying this on purpose, using the power of thunder to cultivate, such a strange thing was unheard of.

It had never been seen before.

They were also considered to be experienced existences, but they did not know what Jiang Ji meant by what he said.

In the next moment, they heard Jiang Ji say, "The Thunder Clan has set up thunder here, so even Dou Saints have to be cautious.

However, I, Jiang Chi, do not have to be like that, and these extraordinary thunderbolts can just be used by me and become my cultivation aid."

"Fellow Daoist Jiang, danger!"

Pill Dust hurriedly shouted, "This place is a means set up by the Thunder Clan, Daoist friend must not force your way in, it's too dangerous."

Even though Jiang Chi was a devil, and even though Pill Dust felt in his heart that it might not be good to bring Jiang Chi here.

But in his heart, he actually considered Jiang Chi as a friend, and didn't want anything to happen to him.

The Thunder Clan was different from the other Seven Ancient Clans in that they were born to control thunder and had the power of thunder hidden within their bloodline.

So the thunder here was definitely not simple, it was after all someone's means of reading portals.

Jiang Ji's face was pensive, his body was glowing, but he said, "Everywhere is a great road, it's all about immortal cultivation, whether it's to harden the flesh or break the thunder clan's means, I have to go in."

Moreover, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Jiang Chi understood it in his heart and looked so nonchalant, "It's not a hindrance, some thunderbolts are just a little bit of power, it's not enough to block my Dao, it's just perfect for tempering the flesh with these thunderbolts."

It was a bit bold and surprising for him to think like this.

They knew that the flesh could be tempered, but it was also the first time that Pill Dust and Wind Leisure had seen someone who used thunder to temper it.

They only felt that Jiang Qian's actions were too crazy and unbelievable.

This thing was by no means something that an ordinary person could do.

It was just him, Jiang Lack Jiang Old Devil, and anyone else probably wouldn't be able to do anything at all.

It was bizarre and unpredictable.


Powerful blue arcs of electricity suddenly struck down, as if they were going to blast Jiang Di to pieces.

It was also truly staggering.

"Fellow Daoist Jiang's methods are truly..."

Witnessing the thumb-sized electric snake blasting at Jiang Lack, both Pill Dust and Wind Leisure's hearts were shocked.

But in the end, he was hardened as if nothing had happened, and his face was calm.

Can Immortal cultivation to the end also carry the thunder with the strength of one's own flesh?

This was something that Pill Dust and Wind Leisure felt was possible, after all, Jiang Lack was already doing this.

It was the same as telling them that these thunderbolts could actually be utilized, after all, life was full of immortals.

Jiang Liao was sitting in the place where the thunder power was most concentrated just like that, and the Ninth Grade Daoist Gong quickly began to function.

The thunder power that bombarded his flesh, however, was quickly absorbed by him and then continued to increase the immunity of his flesh.

This kind of ascetic-like cultivation method was really somewhat good, and it was very fast for the improvement of the flesh.

Originally, Jiang Jian hadn't even planned to raise his flesh body again, originally he, Jiang Someone, had planned to just push across it.

Now that he had encountered it, how would he, Jiang Someone, let it go?

This method of tempering his flesh body, which he usually couldn't find even if he deliberately looked for it, was now a bargain for him, Jiang Chi.

The Lei Clan had done a good deed though, and Jiang Chi decided that if the Lei Clan didn't know any better, he would leave a trace of his bloodline for them.

There was no fear of retaliation anyway.

--When the events in the Dou Qi Continent were over, he, Jiang Hou, would be leaving this world, only to never meet again.

The blue arc of electricity above his head was like a strange and unpredictable power grid crashing down.

The terrifying power surged and changed, while Jiang lack's body was radiant, like a divine brilliance.

Both Pillow Dust and Wind Leisure were shocked.

After tempering his flesh like this, it wouldn't take long to consume all the thunder power here.

And that way, it wouldn't take long for Jiang Chi to both gain the benefits and break the thunder clan's methods.

This made Pill Dust, Wind Leisure and the others envious, "If only we could be like Daoist Jiang as well."

Unfortunately, they didn't have these various skills, so they were inevitably embarrassed and depressed.

Thoughts were complicated.

Half an hour passed.

With most of the thunderbolts in front of them missing, the Thunder Clan had wanted to use them as the first barrier, but they were going to be disappointed.

Instead of stopping someone like Jiang Lack, they had made a graft for him, allowing Jiang Lack to gain infinite benefits.

It should be known that the cultivation of the physical body was only as hard as that ascetic hammering, and it was even more difficult than raising the realm and true mana.

If it wasn't for coincidence or infinite great creation, the flesh body would basically be difficult to break through.

But after another half an hour.

Jiang Mo's physical body actually broke through, and one was so envious of it.

Yes, envious.

Both Pill Dust and Wind Leisure were envious, it would be best if they could also temper their physical bodies in this way.

It just wasn't possible for both of them, with their cultivation strength, they couldn't resist that kind of thunder power.

If they weren't careful, they would be blown to bits by those thunderbolts, right?

Pillow Dust was only a soul body, and if he wanted to temper his physical body, I'm afraid he would have to become an immortal.

And now well.

Pillow Dust could only stare dryly.

Wind Zun Fengxiong could hammer his physical body, but he had only recently changed to Immortal Dao techniques, and his physical body wasn't very strong, so with his current level of strength, he couldn't bear the first wave of the thunderbolt's attack.

So like Pill Dust, Wind Idle could only dryly stare up beside him, only to envy Jiang Liao.

As expected, life was all about cultivating and comprehending the Dao, and they sort of understood the meaning of Jiang Kou's words.

In this way, going out was cultivation, and Dao was everywhere.

It was really a profound feeling.

When Jiang Ji finished his cultivation, he said, "Alright, now that this Thunder Clan's methods have been broken by me in every way, we can enter the Thunder Realm."

But Pillow Dust asked, "Fellow Daoist Jiang, do you want to thank the people of the Thunder Clan, if they hadn't laid such a means, your physical body probably wouldn't have broken through."

It was a bit of a joke in there.

But Jiang Qiao said, "Eh? That's a good idea, if it wasn't for these various tactics laid down by the Thunder Clan, how could my Jiang someone's physical body have a chance to break through.

So I've thought it all out."

He gave a mysterious pause for God, with a look that screamed at his heart.

Pill Dust and Wind Leisure hurriedly asked, "I wonder how?"

Since they had all thought about it, they must have a plan in mind.

But Pill Dust and Wind Free are truly curious, what will this demon surnamed Jiang actually do?

Not scouring the Thunder Clan, or perhaps not pushing the Clan too hard, were both possibilities.

Just as the two were pondering.

Jiang Chi suddenly said, "If the Thunder Clan resists later, this seat has decided to just push through, leaving them with at most one bloodline.

This is gratitude!"


Upon hearing the words Pill Dust and Wind Leisure were stunned, and they each couldn't help but laugh bitterly in their hearts.

"It seems that this Jiang Daoist is really a real devil."

"I wanted him to use this opportunity to clear his name, but at this point, he already has an idea, and I'm afraid that clearing his name is impossible."

Pillow Dust reckoned that it would be difficult for Jiang Lack to clear his name in his lifetime.

Jiang Old Devil's name was afraid that he would always have it, but this was really a bit depressing.

If he had known, just now Pill Dust had even thought of a plan to cleanse Jiang Lack's name, just about to put it into practice.

However, because of Jiang Lack's words, he had to put Pill Dust's plan on hold for the time being.

"It's just that Jiang Old Devil is still Jiang Old Devil after all, and he's afraid that he doesn't want to wash his hands of it."

Pill Dust secretly said, "It's just that in this way, after being patronized, the Ancient Eight Clans won't have many people left."

Rather, he was called so depressed.

He would probably become an accomplice in the annihilation of the Ancient Eight Clans.

His reputation in the Dou Qi Continent would probably be bad in the future anyway.

"Fellow Daoist Jiang, you..."

Pill Dust had wanted to continue to persuade a bit more, but was interrupted by Jiang Xiao.

Only Jiang Gou said, "Alright, we'll talk about these things later, now that I'm about to break open the Thunder Realm, you all prepare yourselves and go in with me."

Since the four of you had come together, it would be better to go in together.

Anyway, that Thunder Boundary wasn't very strong, and with his strength, it would be easy to tear open an opening.

The Thunder Realm was indeed strong, but it had coincidentally met Jiang lacking, so the Thunder Clan was doomed to bad luck.

Although the Lei Clan hadn't offended Jiang Chi before, in this world, the weak were the original sin.

Not having a strong enough strength to protect one's property was a sin in disguise.

Just like those Ancient Eight Clans were weak to Jiang Chi now, the Ancient Eight Clans were all weak, so whether it was the techniques and fighting skills within their families, or the countless years of resource collections, they would all fall into Jiang Chi's hands.

This was how the strong ate the weak.

Of course, if the people of the Eight Ancient Clans were to compromise, or were willing to admit their weakness and give away their skills and collections, then Jiang Chi might not do anything.

It was just that this possibility probably wouldn't exist when facing those proud and arrogant Ancient Eight Clans' heavenly pride.

After all, the pride of the Ancient Eight Clans had already set themselves up as the most talented people in the Dou Qi Continent.

And for this, Jiang Xiao was mentally prepared.

He secretly pondered, "Ancient Eight Clans, Ancient Eight Clans, if you don't know better, then don't blame this seat for being rude."

Once he, Jiang Sheng, got angry, he was one who would kill.

Even if it means pushing across the past.

It was assumed that the strength of the heavenly pride in that Ancient Eight Clans would not be enough to deal with him, Jiang Chi.

So the confident Jiang Hou broke open a crack in the Thunder Realm, and said, "All go in through here, it should be the Thunder Realm inside, this time have a good meeting with this Thunder Clan."

Resisting him Jiang Hou would push across, and then, regardless of whether you were heavenly pride or not, you would all have to fall.

And in the Thunder Realm.

Those people of the Thunder Clan probably never dreamed that such a thing as people sitting at home and misfortune coming from the sky would happen to them.

Instead, they were really a bit weepy and unprepared.

Even if the turbid people came to their door looking for trouble, they were expecting it.

But there were only four people in Jiang's party, wasn't that too little and too dismissive of their Thunder Clan.

"Where did the bastards come from, daring to act rashly in our Thunder Realm, I really don't know what to do!"

"Those who trespass in the Thunder Realm, die!"

"Oh, it's just a few things that don't open their eyes and don't know whether they're dead or alive."

"Even our Thunder Realm dares to barge in, what a death wish, thinking you can just get lucky and come in and go on a rampage?"


For a time, the cold and harsh reprimands of the Thunder Clan rang out numerous and rapidly throughout the Thunder Realm!


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