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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 984 - Ancient Eight Clans (Seeking Subscription)

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"But what?"

Wind Idle curiously asked, "If I, Wind Someone, can do it, I will definitely not refuse, but Brother Jiang, please just tell me what to do."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "There is no harm, but after cultivating Immortality, one will be bound by the Dao Sect in the future, although this constraint is small, it exists.

As such, are you willing to do so?"

In the beginning, when he conceived the idea of the Dao Sect, he had the practice of the Dao Sect binding the people of the world.

The intention was to manage the people of immortal cultivation under the world.

Although this had quite a few drawbacks, it also had quite a few advantages, and it was a good thing to do to be able to keep the immortal cultivators in check.

Moreover, it could also be used to test the hearts of others with this matter.

"I'm willing." Wind Idle said solemnly, "The purpose of cultivating Dou Qi is to become stronger, but cultivating Immortal Dao can not only make you stronger, but you can also live longer, and I want to live forever!"

In the Dou Qi Continent, one could basically live forever if they cultivated to the Hedao Realm.

This feeling was something Jiang Kou had a deep understanding of.

So it must be possible to live a long life and see forever, and there was a good chance that Wind Idle's idea would come true as well.

Live long and see long, and be free up in the world.

This was indeed good.

So Jiang Xiao nodded and smiled and said, "Alright, since you're so sure of this, it would be too narrow-minded of me not to let you cultivate immortality."

He was still thinking of carrying forward the Dao of Immortality in the Dou Qi Continent.

Naturally, he agreed.

So there was no problem at all, and he immediately promised, "I'll give you the Immortal Dao right away, so you must practice it properly."

As for how to cultivate, Jiang Jiang would only teach the most basic things, and some that were too profound for him to understand.

This strength of his Jiang Someone was actually built up by the World Origin Force.

He couldn't instruct Wind Leisure on anything, perhaps Pill Dust was a little more experienced than Jiang lack in this regard.

After flexing his fingers, he passed on a good Immortal Dao technique to Feng Xian and said, "Feng Xian, the cultivation of Dou Qi may turn a person into a strong person, but the Immortal Dao technique of life and death also has all sorts of benefits, you will be able to experience this later."


Wind Leisure nodded and said, "I will definitely work hard to cultivate the Immortal Dao and comprehend the methods of the Great Dao."

After nodding casually, Jiang Ji didn't say anything else, after this Starfall Pavilion incident was over, he was going to hit the Ancient Eight Clans' autumn breeze.

Perhaps something would be gained.

"After all, those Ancient Eight Clans are all existences that have been inherited for countless years one by one, so they must have countless treasures, including some techniques and cultivation resources."

Such things, however, had infinite benefits for Jiang Xiao.

Whether it was for the World Origin Force or for those resources treasured by the Ancient Eight Clans, he needed to scavenge them one by one.

Otherwise, it would be a waste to put them away.

From his point of view, the things treasured by the Eight Ancient Tribes were just a waste, right?

"Anyway, if we give them to those of the Ancient Eight Clans, they won't be able to use them."

Although the cultivation method of Dou Qi had proliferated to its peak in this world, this Dou Qi cultivation method was far inferior to the Immortal Dao.

Jiang Chi looked calm as he looked at Pill Dust and Wind Leisure and said, "Gentlemen, I wish to make a trip to the Ancient Eight Clans, would you be willing to go with me?"

Although this matter was previously agreed upon, and although Pill Dust had promised him to show him the way before, Jiang Ji still couldn't help but ask about it.

What if Pill Dust had other ideas.

After all, Jiang Chi couldn't read minds, so if Pill Dust's thoughts changed, then naturally it wasn't something he could influence.

Although he felt that Pill Dust wouldn't let the pigeons out, there were some things that no one could say, so he added, "If you want to go along with Wind Leisure, it's fine, you just need to be familiar with the way to the Ancient Eight Clans."

This kind of treatment was self-evidently excellent.

A trip to the Ancient Eight Clans for a spin might be incredibly rewarding.

With Jiang Chi here, no one in the world could touch him, and this could be seen from Jiang Chi's reaction these days.

The Ancient Eight Clans were nothing.

They probably only lived a bit longer.

Aside from being more prestigious and known to the world, they are far inferior to Senior Jiang Jiankou.

He was the one who was a dragon and phoenix among men, the one who was unrestrained and free.

Even though he wanted to be free and easy, he knew that the cultivation of the Dao of Immortality was not as simple as just a few words.

If he really didn't care, he would be a stranger indeed, and the future was a long, long way ahead, which was why he wanted to see it.

"I'm willing to go with Brother Jiang to the Ancient Eight Clans to take a look."

Wind Leisure continued, "It's just as well to see what's different about those people of the Ancient Eight Clans."

Some people were born with tables of golden spoons in their mouths, and he, Wind Leisure, was partial to it.

Pillow Dust's face was calm as he slowly said, "Why do you need to ask more, Daoist Jiang, I had promised you earlier that I wanted to take you to see the scenery of the Ancient Eight Clans, so how would I go back on my promise."

The Ancient Eight Clans, he was looking forward to visiting them.

To also observe their elegance.

Whether it was the Pill Clan, or the rest of the clans, they were actually just a hill of bears.

Sovereign families, with their interests at the forefront.

Not to mention a family like the Ancient Eight Clans, they were already a powerful kind of family, but only because of the appearance of Dou Di, their inheritance was a bit longer.

He, Pillow Dust, was originally from a family, but was investigated by the family for poison.

That's why even now, he was filled with anger.

If the Hall of Souls was his first enemy, then the Pill Clan was his second enemy, the unrighteous kind.

"Alright, let's go then."

Jiang Jiang nodded casually, "It's about the introduction of the Ancient Eight Clans, so let's talk as we go."

He also knew quite a few of the Ancient Eight Clans.

Each family's ancestors had appeared as Dou Di, yet the stories were thousands of years old.

The stories were indeed very old.

That's why Jiang lacked the courage to fight the autumn wind and get some benefits.

Pillow Dust and Wind Leisure were either impressed by Jiang Chi's strength, or felt that this trip was also a way to take revenge.

The four of them headed out to the Starfall Pavilion.

As a maid, Qingscale naturally waited on the side, never leaving.

She had to take care of her prince.

Her Jiang Gongzi, a man who was about to leave her.

There was no way to retain him.

Jiang Chi had explained it to her in detail when she was at the Starfall Pavilion.

And she admitted it.

"Fellow Daoist Jiang, this trip to the Ancient Eight Clans is bound to be unpopular, so you need to be prepared."

Pillow Dust reminded up.

Jiang Chi naturally saved this and casually nodded his head to deal with it, "Everything is in order, just deal with it as before."

He wasn't afraid, nor did he think that the Ancient Eight Clans were really strong.

Maybe there were strong Dou Shengs.

But other than that Xiao Clan and the Soul and Ancient Clans, the other five clans were no match for the Soul Clan.

So the remaining five clans were nothing.

The remaining three clans, the Xiao Clan was in decline, while the Ancient Clan and the Soul Clan were difficult, it wasn't difficult for him, Jiang Liao.

Everything would be fine as long as it was natural.

Pillow Dust continued, "Regarding the Ancient Eight Clans, their inheritance has been many years old.

It's said that the heavens and earth weren't like this at that time, back then..."

As one of the Eight Ancient Clans, even if he was an outcast, Pillow Dust knew more than Windy.

He even knew more details than Jiang Kang.

He also talked about the details of the Ancient Eight Clans in great detail, and the road was long.

It was important to Jiang Chi.

It was said that each clan was in a special small world-like space, independent of one another.

If it weren't for the Ancient Eight Clans, they wouldn't have been able to find it.

That was why the people of those eight clans rarely walked around the ancient Middle Kingdom, it wasn't that they didn't want to leave, they just couldn't get out.

They were locked up in a small world for countless years, some even for a lifetime.

That's why the fate of the Ancient Eight Clans people was also miserable.

That small thousand world was like a big cage, deeply locking the freedom of the people of the Eight Ancient Tribes.

Pillow Dust had a deep understanding of that.

The remaining five clans were the Yan, Pill, Stone, Spirit, and Thunder clans.

Jiang Jiang made up his mind to go and meet the Thunder Clan for a while to see those existences that were born to control the power of lightning.

It was just time for him to upgrade his palm thunder.

The thunder method wasn't unfamiliar to him, he was even familiar with it.

It shouldn't be dangerous at all.

He sank his gaze, his appearance still somewhat calmed down, as calm as tea.

With a deep gaze, he said, "That being the case, let's go to Lei Fa first, and if they know what to do, they'll be good enough to hand over their techniques and fighting skills, as well as that endless collection of resources, otherwise..."

It was the means of thunder.

Wind Leisure and Pill Dust both knew that Jiang Liao wasn't lying, that with him alone it would be enough to push across the entire Thunder Clan.

No, it should be enough to push across the entire Ancient Eight Clans.

No one would be a match.

"Is it right or wrong for us to lead Jiang Daoist over like this?"

Pill Dust and Wind Free looked at each other, each seeing the strange hint in their hearts that what they had brought was not a good stubble.

It was a demon head.

Or a devil head that was strong enough to annihilate the entire Ancient Eight Clans.

He really was that strong.

Pushing across the board at the drop of a hat was this one's style as well.

It was simply impossible.

Let alone just the four of them going there, no matter which of the eight ancient clans they were from, they probably wouldn't compromise.

Their ancestors had once produced Dou Emperors as well, and such glory would never allow them to compromise with a stranger.

Not to mention a stranger like Jiang Xiao.

Too young.

If they hadn't heard of it before, the people of the Eight Ancient Clans would definitely think that they were going on a provocation trip.

A fight would probably be unavoidable.

But once it happened, it would be a devastating blow to the people of the Ancient Eight Clans.

And he, Pill Dust and Wind Leisure were the ones who brought Jiang Lack, a devil, to the Ancient Eight Clans, only to be beaten up as a devil, right?

The two of them quietly looked at each other, their hearts couldn't help but feel a little bitter, "Things can only go on as they are, we've long thought of such an outcome, but we've just refused to admit it."

However, there was only one way to go to the dark side.

After all, they were on the same page as Jiang Chi, grasshoppers bouncing on a string.

One loss, one glory.

This reasoning was clear to both of them, and no one said anything more after Jiang Lack had decided on his target, so they swept straight towards the Thunder Clan's destination.

This time, the purpose was clear, naturally the passing lands were not unlucky, they seemed to have fallen out of this Jiang Devil's eyes.

There wasn't even a chance of being hit with an autumn breeze, not even a chance of becoming the target of a raid.

Jiang Jiang faintly looked at a thunderous electric snake not far away and said, "I can sense that there is a nice space in here, it's not an exaggeration to call it a small world."

With his current cultivation, Jiang Someone could naturally feel it easily.

On the other hand, Pill Dust slowly said, "Beyond the thunder, there is the Thunder Clan territory, the thunder that pervades here should be a means set up by the Thunder Clan, but Daoist Friend has a way..."

Before Pill Dust could finish his sentence, he saw that Jiang Chi had already taken a step into the thunder, "Immortal cultivators are not afraid of this thunder, it's not bad for the Thunder Clan to use this thunder for shelter, but I'm going to use them..."


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