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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 983 - Shugden Seeking Eternal Life (Seeking Subscription)

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Central State.

Star Meteoric Pavilion, Jiang Qian went to the Hidden Merit Pavilion to scavenge for techniques and fighting skills, constantly brushing up on the World Origin Power.

The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of the situation.

The two of them talked for several days before the end of the conversation.

In the end, the curious Wind Leisure, who was curious about the matter of immortalization, asked, "Brother Pill, what exactly is this immortalization you speak of?"

These days, they were talking most about the Soul Race and the Soul Hall, but none of their current strengths were enough to deal with those people in the Soul Hall.

The other side was simply too powerful.

As for the other topic, it was the cultivation of Immortality that Pill Dust had mentioned.

Cultivating Immortality was different from cultivating dou qi, cultivating Immortality was more about the dual cultivation of life and the cultivation of the Dao realm.

Spellcasting on the other hand was only a means to protect the Dao.

After this, he became more and more curious about the Dao of Immortality, "If that Dao of Immortality is really good, can I learn it as well?"

He was ten thousand times curious and even inexplicably excited.

Pill Dust explained with a slight smile, "Actually, the Immortal Dao is a new cultivation method, at least in the Dou Qi Continent, and I think it's a mature cultivation system."


Wind Idle was startled and said, "I never thought that you, Pill Brother, would have such a high opinion of the Immortal Dao, so tell me more about this Immortal Dao first."

"Fine, even if you don't ask I plan to have the Starfall Pavilion cultivate the Immortal Dao and merge into the Dao Sect together in the future."

Pillow Dust said, "The Immortal Dao Life Dual Cultivation, which cultivates both mana and physical body and Yuan Shen, possesses all sorts of incredible means and abilities, and is more colorful than the cultivation of Dou Qi.

Of course, this type of cultivation is also more important to the practitioner's qualifications than the Dou Qi cultivation.

At the same time, the Immortal Dao cultivation had the added benefit of being able to gain a longer life as one's cultivation increased.

It is even longer than that of a Dou Qi cultivator, and this longevity is enough for us to progress with the work of a water mill."

After hearing Pill Dust's words, Wind Leisure felt that this matter was definitely not simple, if it was really possible to obtain a longer life, then wouldn't it mean that they were actually immortal to a certain extent in the future.

Immortal cultivation to find a long life, in a flick of a finger, a thousand years had passed.

This was so exciting and horrifying, "Cultivating immortality is really good, just a bit difficult."

"Yes, how else would it be called life double cultivation." Pill Dust said, "That Jiang Daoist from the Hidden Merit Pavilion, he wasn't that strong when I met him before, but now he's infinitely closer to Immortal.

So whether it's the Hall of Souls or the Soul Clan, or those Ancient Eight Clans, he didn't take it to heart.

You probably don't know what a terrifying way it is to push straight across with great strength.

There is no one to rival.

The Jiang Old Devil that was rumored on Central China previously was actually him, a powerful existence that one person could easily push across."

Wind Idle: "......."

He suddenly didn't know what to say before he could say something, Jiang Xiao was so strong, so terrifying as it was.

It was truly horrifying, "Originally I thought he was at most a peak nine-star Dou Zun, but now it seems he's even stronger than I thought he would be.

The Immortal Dao is truly unpredictable, I just don't know if I can cultivate it as well."

He was inevitably a little worried.

Pillow Dust waved his hand and smiled, "It should be possible, but if you want to cultivate the Immortal Dao you need to transform, to completely transform the Dou Qi in your body into Immortal Dao True Mana, then you can continue your cultivation.

However, Immortal Dao cultivation has stricter requirements for qualification, so you might not be too fast, like me."

"It doesn't matter, as long as you can gain a longer life, as long as you can achieve longevity."

Wind Idle said indifferently, "Live long enough to have enough time to cultivate and become strong."

He saw it very thoroughly.

The leftovers were king.

It wasn't a saying that didn't make any sense at all, sometimes truth was just that.

"Yeah, living is hope in itself." Pill Dust also nodded his head in agreement, "If you can't even live a little longer, then cultivation would be in vain.

Although the cultivation of Dou Qi can also become strong, just like Dou Saints and Dou Emperors.

But over the years, have you ever heard of anyone who has become a Dou Emperor.

Even the people from that Ancient Eight Clans didn't have the chance to become a Dou Emperor, that's just too hard."

Dou Emperor.

It definitely wasn't something that ordinary people could successfully cultivate, it wasn't just a matter of having unparalleled talent and qualifications, and it wasn't just a matter of having unparalleled talent.

Both Pillow Dust and Wind Leisure felt that they had no hope, and were afraid that they wouldn't have the chance to break through to Dou Di in this life or the next.

The Dao of Immortality, however, was different, they had seen hope.

The hope of becoming an Immortal.

Or the hope of longevity, the longer they lived, the more hope they had of becoming strong.

Even if it was just the remaining kind.

It was also possible, there were an infinite number of possibilities that could exist in the future.

After hearing Pill Dust's explanation, Wind Free felt that the future was promising, as if there were all sorts of possibilities, whereas before there was no hope.

At that time, the Dou Sheng might be the end.

With a heavy gaze, Wind Leisure said, "Brother Pill, can you tell that Brother Jiang that I am also willing to cultivate the Dao of Immortality, and I am also willing to seek that path of immortality."

Although it was a bit misty and unbelievable, he always felt that the future must be good.

The Immortal Dao was perhaps the most suitable kind of Dao for people to cultivate.

"No problem, I think Daoist Jiang Dao will agree to it, even if it changes the entire Starfall Pavilion's cultivation method."

Pillow Dust smiled and said, "However, I had previously heard that Daoist Jiang Daoist had said that in the future, there would also be a sect for immortal cultivation, and this sect is called the Dao Sect, if you and the Starfall Pavilion are going to change the Dao of Immortal cultivation, then you need to be prepared to be governed by the Dao Sect in the future.

You don't need to worry about anything, Brother Wind, the Dao Sect will be controlled by Jiang Daoist's disciple Xiao Yan, I know that brat's character best."

Once he heard Pill Dust say this, Wind Leisure was satisfied.

He said, "Good, this will make me even more unrestrained, the idea of becoming an Immortal seems to be even stronger than the idea of becoming a Dou Di."

After all, Dou Di was merely an increase in strength.

Although there was also a certain increase in lifespan, it was actually not a big increase, and in a way too different from the Dao of Immortality.

Cultivators, who wouldn't want to live a little longer.

After all, there was hope in living.

Dying would naturally be a once-and-for-all solution, but there would be nothing left when it really came to that, so there wasn't much benefit.

And if they lived, they would have infinite possibilities.

That's why the Honorable Wind Idle Wind had just had that thought, and that was why he felt that cultivating immortality or really good, was a path to take.

To cultivate immortality to find eternal life.

He wanted the path of eternal life.

Live long, naturally strong, and naturally free.

As for the Star Meteorite Pavilion, Wind Idle said, "The Star Meteorite Pavilion is yours Brother Pill, I'm just a deputy head, where to go Brother Pill, you just decide for yourself."

Pill Dust: "........"

He suddenly felt that it was not a good thing to tell Wind Leisure about the Immortal Dao, this guy had gone free from now on, who would manage the Starfall Pavilion for him.

It would naturally be a good thing if he was able to let Wind Idle continue to manage the sect for him, but if he couldn't, it would be a bit frustrating.

I'm sure it would be wonderful.

The sound of his mumbling rang out, but Wind Leisure said, "Brother Pill, the matter of immortal cultivation will be bothering you, make sure you take care of it for me ah."

He was still envious.

In comparison, he suddenly felt that it was worth it for Jiang to see all of the Starfall Pavilion's techniques and fighting skills, and exchanging those normal techniques for the Immortal Dao was definitely an ancestor's merit.


Pill Dust nodded, but also instructed, "Although I agree with you, you still have to continue managing the Starfall Pavilion."

He was accustomed to being a handshaker and was unwilling to personally participate in the management.

That would be too troublesome and a waste of time.

The Immortal Dao took a lot of time to cultivate, and he didn't have the spare time to manage the sect.


Wind Free: "..."

He was slightly stunned at the news and couldn't help but say, "Brother Pill, don't you want to manage the Starfall Pavilion?

That's your hard work, and besides, with my nature I'm really not fit to run the clan, and you know that, I'm used to getting away with it."

"I don't know." Pill Dust, on the other hand, shook his head and said, "You seem to be quite free on the surface, but in reality, you're not free at all.

That's why I think Brother Wind you should just accept reality and face it all."


After hearing Pill Dust's words, Wind Idle's heart was cryptic as he intoned, "Brother Pill, you actually can't do that, after dumping the heavy responsibility on me, then what do you do to go?"


Pill Dust replied without hesitation, "Brother Wind, you also know me, I need to keep cultivating in this state today to have a chance to break through to Immortality ah."

"Sorry, I probably really don't know this." Wind Idle trailed off.

Making Pill Dust look choked up, he felt a bit baffled, "Just now, Feng Xian's words sounded quite familiar, as if he had heard them somewhere before."


Just upset with himself.

The two started arguing again, as if that was rare.

Three days later.

Jiang Mo came out of the Starfall Pavilion's Hidden Merit Pavilion with a calm face, a place like Starfall Pavilion was too small for him.

In other words, it was better than nothing.

"Gongzi, are you alright?"

Qing Scales was already waiting by the side, she hurriedly came over to wipe Jiang Xiao's sweat and then was incomparably caring.

Pillow Dust and Wind Leisure were both envious, if only they had such a maid.

But it was just a thought, they were both old, and they didn't appreciate Jiang Jiankou's kind anymore.

They didn't understand the world of young people.

"I'm fine." Jiang Xiao said, "By the way, has anything happened recently?"

Qing Scales shook his head to indicate that he didn't, but Pill Dust, who was beside you, said, "Fellow Daoist, this old friend of mine, Wind Free, had heard that the Immortal Dao was good, so he wanted to change his cultivation, I wonder what you think."

Does His Holiness Wind Leisure want to cultivate the Dao of Immortality?

This was rare, and with a raised eyebrow, Jiang Gui asked, "Brother Feng, are you really willing to cultivate the Dao of Immortality?"

For the cultivation of immortality, the required qualifications were much higher, and if it wasn't for the World Origin Force that kept pushing, hard pushing him Jiang someone to today's Great Perfection of the Merging Realm, I'm afraid he wouldn't have gained much with his qualifications.

On the other hand, Dou Qi's requirements for a cultivator's qualifications were not as strict, and those that were slightly worse could cultivate something.

That was the difference.

"Exactly." Wind Idle squarely said, "Brother Jiang, I hope that you will fulfill your wish, I want to cultivate Immortality!"

A pinnacle four-star Dou Zun level figure who didn't hesitate to want to change to Immortalism!

Jiang Ji looked at the other party in surprise and thought to himself, "This guy is quite courageous, for people in the Dou Qi Continent, cultivating immortality is a new way of cultivating, but he doesn't hesitate to do so."

Rather enterprisingly so.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ji said grudgingly, "Alright, I promise, but..."


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