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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 982 - Wind Reverend (Seeking Subscription)

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Wind Idle, once the eldest young master of the Zhongzhou Wind Family.

Because he was saved by the Pill Dust Pill Elder, he once changed his name to Gu Ling, and became good friends with the then Pill Reverend.

The two belonged to the inimitable friendship.

The relationship was very good.

Later on, Venerable Wind then founded the Starfall Pavilion together with him, Pill Dust Pill, which was the now fallen one.

It was considered to be their life's work, and was meant to earn a place to retire, but now this retirement place might only be able to support the elderly.

There were less than a hundred disciples, and among the younger generation there was only Mu Qing Luan who had a higher cultivation and was a strong Dou Huang.

The others aren't even Dou Huang.

It was as if the elders, deacons and whatnot didn't exist at all.

The Starfall Pavilion's current situation was so miserable that it almost made Pill Elder cry, how in the world did he hold on to his brother.

He was deeply guilty.

Because ever since the Starfall Pavilion was established, he hadn't been in charge for a few days.

It was all the Wind Zun Zi who was in charge, and there was no one to blame, everything was his own fault.

Half a month.

Walked all the places that Starfall Pavilion could go and saw all the scenery in Starfall Pavilion.

Except that the Hidden Merit Pavilion didn't go.

If he wanted to go to the Starfall Pavilion, no one could stop him.

Now it was just giving Pill Dust a face.

Pill Dust also understood this, so he was not only secretly grateful to Jiang Ji, but he was also thinking, "After the Starfall Pavilion incident is over, the matter of the Eight Ancient Tribes will be raised on the agenda.

Although I was born from the Pill Clan, I was the one who was expelled from the Pill Clan, and I to the extent that I wish to see the moment when those people who hold themselves to be of the Ancient Eight Clans will be pulled off the altar."

Pill Dust secretly thought, "I'm sure it will be wonderful, once they were high above the world, unstoppable greats.

And now too.

But the future won't be, and it's hard to say."

It couldn't be said that he, Pill Dust, would have to be an accomplice, pulling down all of the Ancient Eight Clans and telling them to taste defeat as well.

Maybe it would make more sense.

This day.

The wind and the sun rose, and it was also a beautiful day.

Because once one reached a certain level of cultivation, there was no need to cultivate every day, as Jiang lacked.

So he was practicing his swordsmanship in the arena very early in the morning, but it was Qinglian who was in closed-door training.

Pill Elder, on the other hand, followed Jiang Chi, looking a bit out of his mind at his ordinary sword art, but felt that he had no means to break Jiang Chi's ordinary sword art.

"As expected, Fellow Daoist Jiang is much stronger than I thought."

He sort of understood that it wasn't unreasonable for people to be powerful, this was a freak and an evil person in general.

Such a powerful being Pill Dust swore that he had only seen this one person in his life.

"Even in the Ancient Eight Clans, those so-called geniuses are actually just more famous."

Truly, they might not be as good as the geniuses outside, "It would have been nice if I had met Daoist Jiang earlier."

Old Pillow was pondering in his heart, and just at this time Jiang Chi smiled, "Pillow, look quickly, your old friend should be back."

As Jiang Chi pointed in a direction, he saw a blue-clothed figure appearing at the entrance of the arena, looking at that dusty appearance, coupled with the Dou Zun atmosphere emitted, it was obvious that they were precisely Dou Zun strongmen.

After making a comprehensive assessment and guess, Jiang Jiang felt that the man in blue was most likely the Wind Dignitary of the Starfall Pavilion, which was Pill Dust's long-time friend.

As expected.

The next moment when Pill Dust looked up, he looked agitated as he saw the blue-shirted man with a start.

"Brother Wind, after so many years, you are indeed still here, and it's not bad to be at the peak of the four-star Dou Zun." Pillow Dust sized up the Wind Zun with satisfaction, his mind complicated for a moment.

When he was persecuted by the Hall of Souls, he only had a wisp of his remaining soul left, and at that time he felt that he would never have the chance to meet this old friend again in this life.

It was unthinkable that he would return now.

Although decades had passed, and although his soul body was now quite solidified, it was actually still very weak, and recovery would take at least ten more years to complete.

It was already good enough for Pill Dust to see Wind Zun once again in this life, he lamented, "It's good that you're back, I'm really happy to see you."

Could it not be happy.

The relationship between them wasn't something that was built up in a day or two.

Wind Zun's mouth twitched a few times, slightly curdling, "Brother Pill, I've searched for you almost every day for the past few decades, but it's as if you've completely disappeared without a trace.

This time, when I heard the news of your return, I came back with no fear, it was really God's blessing.

Just why do you look like this?"

He could clearly sense that Pill Dust had weakened, and he was somewhat illusory, as if he wasn't his own body.

Had something big happened during these years.

It was very likely that it was something he didn't know about, especially now with Pill Dust's weak breath in this situation.

There was definitely something wrong.

"This matter is long and concerning, I am now just a wisp of soul, but you don't have to worry, I have found a way to continue cultivating, and as soon as I am able to become an immortal, I will be able to transform into an entity."

Pill Dust smiled and said, "Although the Immortal Dao is still very ethereal, there is hope for me to still be alive in the future."

"Immortal Dao?"

Wind Zun was stunned at the news and asked, "What is the Immortal Dao, Pill Brother, have you stopped practicing Dou Qi?"

What kind of Immortal Dao was even more powerful than the Dou Qi Dao.

It was just that he had been in Central China for so many years and had been to many places in search of Pill Dust, but he had never heard of the Dao of Immortality.

"Speaking of the Immortal Dao, I'll have to introduce you to someone first."

Pill Dust led Venerable Wind to Jiang Qian and said, "This is Jiang Qian, a practitioner of the Immortal Dao, and after I became a soul body this time, I am practicing the Immortal Dao Ghost Cultivation Dharma taught by Fellow Daoist Jiang.

Otherwise, Brother Wind, you wouldn't have been able to see me again."

"Thank you, Brother Jiang."

Wind Zunzun cupped his fists and bowed, looking sincere and serious, incomparably grateful, "If it wasn't for you then Brother Pill might have..."


He wasn't sure what exactly happened back then, but something uncontrollable must have happened.

After all, back then, Pill Dust was a peak nine-star Dou Zun level powerhouse that was gone just like that, how could he not be worried.

Grateful that Jiang Xiao was also serious.

Whirling around, however, Jiang Chi shook his head slightly and said, "It doesn't matter, it's all just a few trivial matters, besides, the spread of the Immortal Dao also needs people like Pill Dust."

"Brother Pill, can you tell me what actually happened back then?"

Venerable Wind eagerly asked, "With your original cultivation, even on this Central State, not many people can do anything to you, right?"

But the truth was that something had really happened to Pill Dust back then.

He didn't know why that was.

There was something inexplicable in his heart, and he suddenly had an urge to avenge Pill Dust, even though he, Feng Xian, was now only at the peak of four-star Dou Zun cultivation.

"Let's just walk and talk, this matter started many years ago..."

As the group re-entered the Starfall Pavilion, Wind Leisure ordered Mu Qing Luan and the others to arrange some wine and food as they listened to Pill Dust speak.

Even Jiang Chi listened attentively, although he was aware of this part of Pill Dust's past, he only knew a general idea, and what exactly was going on wasn't really clear.

Or rather his memories of this part were already fuzzy.

When Pill Dust finished speaking about what had happened back then, how the Hall of Souls had found him, and how they had gone out of their way to deal with him, even going so far as to have Han Feng betray him in the end.

It was only after a series of things like that that he rolled over to the Gama Empire and into Xiao Yan's hands, hidden in his Nascent Ring.

If it wasn't for Xiao Yan's offerings in those years, it was possible that Pill Dust wouldn't have survived.

It was because of this that he was incomparably grateful.

Later on, he also met Jiang Xiao, and Pill Dust also told Wind Leisure about the events that had happened during this period of time.

Just after hearing Pill Dust's words, Wind Leisure locked his eyebrows and said, "Brother Pill, according to you, it is that damned Soul Hall, but which power is the Soul Hall?"

Even though he hadn't heard of it for so many years on Zhongzhou.

It wasn't that he didn't trust Pill Dust, it was just that it wasn't that he doubted the truth or falsity of Pill Dust's words, it was just that the matter was a bit too unbelievable.

It made him feel somewhat unbelievable.

"The Hall of Souls was made by the Soul Clan, specializing in doing things that are detrimental to others."

Pill Dust said, "If it wasn't for the people from the Soul Palace interfering in it back then, why would I have ended up in such a miserable situation."

"I will definitely eradicate the Soul Hall and avenge you!" Wind Idle said coldly, "No matter which side of the power he is, he deserves to die!"

Pill Dust, however, shook his head slightly and said, "This revenge should be avenged soon, it's not difficult to take revenge with Daoist Jiang."

"Oh, you're welcome." Jiang Jiang said, "Actually, I just happen to be looking for something from the Soul Hall and the Soul Clan, so helping you take your revenge is just a matter of convenience, so don't worry about it, Pill Elder."

He was still thinking of going to raid the Hall of Souls and the Soul Clan, so naturally, he was not counting on going to take revenge for Pill Dust.

However, Pill Dust still said, "No matter what, I have to thank you, and it's thanks to you that I was able to return to the Starfall Pavilion this time."

That was true.

If there was no Jiang Chi, he might have needed countless years of cultivating Xiao Yan before he could return to the Star Meteor Pavilion again.

"Right, brother Feng, there is one more thing I want to discuss with you."

Pillow Dust hesitated for a moment, then whirled around and continued, "Fellow Daoist Jiang is rather exclusive to techniques and doujutsu, so I would like to take a look at the Starfall Pavilion's collection of techniques and doujutsu this time as well, I wonder..."

Wind Idle was indifferent.

He smiled, "Brother Pill, you are the head of the Starfall Pavilion, I am just a deputy head, and since you have returned this power will naturally be handed over to you.

So whether or not this brother Jiang can go to the Starfall Pavilion's Hidden Merit Pavilion, everything is actually up to you."

Pill Dust: "........"

He glared at Wind Leisure and couldn't help but say, "Brother Wind, you're saying you're giving up such great power?"

"Brother Pill, you also know my temperament, I don't like to manage anything, and I don't like trouble."

Feng Xian continued, "Back then, if it wasn't for the fact that you weren't here, I wouldn't have wanted to manage so much, I just wanted to retire in style.

Now that you've returned to La La, the power of this sect will naturally be handed over to you.

Brother Pill, don't refuse, the Starfall Pavilion is your and my hard work, but it has become like this now.

Honestly I'm sorry."

Pillow Dust was silent at the words, he was indeed aware of Feng Xian's personality, and although the management was also very skillful in its means, he was truly not ambitious.

Probably more interested in being unrestrained, in the infinite freedom of being free.


It took a long time for Pill Dust to agree, "Since you're amused to say so, let's continue to grow and expand the Star Meteor Pavilion."

Maybe in the future, the Starfall Pavilion could become the head of the Four Square Pavilion.

But right now, he needed to promise Jiang Chi that he would enter the Star Meteor Pavilion's Hidden Merit Pavilion to take a look.

Although the Star Meteorite Pavilion was small, adhering to the principle that a mosquito was meat no matter how small it was, Jiang Gui didn't refuse.

The Immortal Dao of Jiang Chi's permission also began to spread through Pill Dust's mouth.

After taking over the power of the Starfall Pavilion, Pill Dust even had an idea of what would happen if....


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