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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 981 - Mu Qing Luan (Seeking Subscription)

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In the Starfall Pavilion, a turquoise figure suddenly ran out, fixing her eyes to see that a girl was running like a breeze.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

Jiang Ji and Qing Scales were both new to the Starfall Pavilion, so they didn't know who this girl was.

If it wasn't for the fact that the other party was just a Dou Huang, he would have wanted to make a move to stop it.

As Pill Dust turned slightly to the side, he raised his head to look at the silhouette of a person not far away, and the turquoise figure slowly appeared before him.

It seemed to be because he was only a soul body, so the young woman didn't make a move and only asked in surprise, "Who are you, where did you come from, and why did you enter here?"

Pill Dust looked at the young girl, then back at Jiang Chi and shook his head at him, "I don't know her."

Jiang lacked: "........"

If you don't know anyone from Starfall Pavilion, then who does?

He didn't know anyway.

A look like he was watching a good show, so that Pill Dust had to go up against it, "Girl, I wonder what your name is?"

The girl was wary of the news, however, and thought to herself, "This group of people sneaking in, isn't it a group of people who want to do harm to the Starfall Pavilion."

Although the Star Meteoric Pavilion had fallen, but a skinny camel was bigger than a horse, there was always a bit of a collection, so someone might miss it.

This possibility was not unheard of.

Her thoughts could not be considered normal, staring cautiously at Pill Dust and Jiang Xiao and the others for a while, although she was only a Dou Huang cultivator, she also had the great intention to step forward and stop them if she did not agree.

Jiang Ji saw Pill Dust's performance not to look gloomy and said in his heart, "Letting him negotiate seems to be a mistake.

It was better for him, Jiang Someone, to personally take action.

So, Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Miss, it's like this, this is Pill Dust, who is also the once popular Pill Respecter in the Central State.

You must have heard of him if you are from the Starfall Pavilion, I don't know where Venerable Wind Idle is, Pill Dust is his friend, and they had founded the Starfall Pavilion together."

Young lady: "........"

If Pill Dust's words made her wary, then Jiang Lack's words made her look confused.

Pill Respect, who was that?

She hadn't even heard of it, but as for this Starfall Pavilion, it was true that two people had created it, but the other person she wasn't sure who it was.

This was a bit awkward at first.

The young lady frowned and couldn't help but ask, "Since you are here to find someone, did you notify that person?

And how did you guys get in here, I remember there's a big formation here, even Dou Sheng level powerhouses don't want to get in easily.

And yet you guys..."

It seemed to come in easily, which made her wonder about the purpose and intentions of Jiang and his party.

Could there be some ulterior motives.

Jiang Mo's face was a bit too pale to hang on as he continued, "This Pill Reverend is one of the people who founded the Starfall Pavilion, do you think he would not have a way to come in?

If you don't believe me Miss, you can go see if the formation has been destroyed.

In addition, please go and ask Venerable Wind to come out for a moment, and tell him that his old friend is looking for him."

"My Master he is not in the Pavilion." The young lady continued, "If you have anything to say to me, it's the same."


Pill Dust was stunned and asked, "Are you a disciple of Old Brother Wind Leisure? The qualification is good, but it's just a little too silly."

The young lady was dissatisfied at the news, but said, "You're the one who's stupid, your whole family is stupid."


These words made Jiang Ji and Pill Dust unable to take it.

They looked at each other, and finally Jiang Guiao said, "Pill Elder, you'd better solve this matter yourself."

Jiang Chi probably knew what the maiden's name was.

"She should be that Mu Qing Luan, the grand disciple of the Honorable Wind Leisure, as well as a young generation expert of the Starfall Pavilion."

Jiang Mo secretly said, "To become a strong Dou Huang at such a young age, her future is truly boundless."

Very powerful.

But just being very powerful wasn't enough, there were countless geniuses in Central State, and those who could grow to the end were all dwarfs.

Jiang Mo's face was so calm that the Pill Elder on the side heard him and had to continue, "Miss, if I'm not wrong, you should be a disciple of my wind leisure old brother.

Counting up you should call me Shifu only, if you don't believe me you can go through the ancient books of the Starfall Pavilion to look at them, there are records on the books involving the history of Starfall Pavilion's architecture."

Mu Qingluan: "........"

For a moment Pill Dust's words made her hesitate, "Is this person really my uncle?"

Hasn't that mysterious uncle disappeared a long time ago?

Why are you back again?

She couldn't pay attention for a moment, and became a little puzzled, but after a moment's hesitation she said, "My master has not returned from his trip, and I see that you are not bad people, so follow me into the house first."

In fact, she was already mostly convinced.

This person who claimed to be Pill Respecter should be the uncle she had never met before.

Although she had never met this master uncle, she had seen his portrait.

It was because of this that she dared to let Pill Dust and the others go inside first, as for Jiang Xiao and Qing Scales, she was unable to sense their cultivation, so she thought it should be very strong.

If they really had ill intentions, or had ulterior motives, they definitely wouldn't have said so much to her.

Such a simple judgment Mu Qingluan still has.

It was only because her master, Honored Wind, had yet to return, she still didn't dare to be 100% sure.

After a few breaths of time had passed, Pill Elder nodded, "Fine, but since I haven't been in contact with your master, Honored Wind, for decades, I need to trouble you to contact him and tell him to hurry back."

There were some things and some words they needed to say.

After all, countless years and months had passed.


It was just as well that Mu Qing Luan wanted to report to Wind Zun, Pill Elder and the others must be acquaintances for their sudden arrival in the Starfall Pavilion.

The group soon entered the living room of the Starfall Pavilion.

Mu Qing Luan called for someone to serve tea, and only then did Pill Dust and Jiang Difficulty and the others see a few people.

It turned out that there were people in the Starfall Pavilion as well.

It was just a bit small.

Even the Yun Lan Sect's numbers couldn't compare, and most of the Starfall Pavilion disciples weren't very qualified.

As expected the decline was still justified.

Jiang Mo didn't say a word, it wasn't time for him to take the initiative yet and it was still early at the moment.

He was drinking tea lightly, while Qing Scales beside him gave him a thump on the leg, and his days were so comfortable that it seemed that Pill Elder was envious.

It was a pity that he was so old, naturally he couldn't enjoy the kind of treatment that Jiang lacked, and now he only wanted to see his old friend and take revenge on the Soul Hall and the Soul Clan.

Only after Mu Qing Luan sent a message to Wind Respector did Pill Elder continue, "I never thought that so many changes would have taken place in the Starfall Pavilion this time back, things have changed.

Nephew, would you be willing to tell me about what has happened to the Starfall Pavilion over the years?"


Mu Qing Luan originally wanted to reject Pill Dust, but once she saw how sincere his eyes were, she felt that what if this person was exactly that uncle of hers.

Then she would be embarrassed.

After holding this thought, Mu Qing Luan finally said, "What I know is only a few, and over the years, the Starfall Pavilion..."

The things that happened in the Star Falling Pavilion were spelled out one by one in Mu Qingluan's mouth, and although they were all very general, Pillow Dust was still listening with great interest.

It was also constantly lamenting, if only he were there.

If he hadn't been persecuted by the Hall of Souls, perhaps the Starfall Pavilion would be a different scenery.

Maybe he, Pill Dust Pill Reverend, was now a Pill Saint.

It was a pity that the sky didn't do what one wanted.

Everything was so unbelievable.

But this happened, and it was so depressing, with a gloomy face and a depressed feeling of wanting to cry.

In short, his mood was so uncomplicated.

Jiang Mo didn't have the same feeling as him, so it was nothing, just knowing that Pill Elder had poured a lot of effort into Starfall Pavilion.

How much sorrow was expressed in a single sentence.

If he could, he probably wouldn't have created Starfall Pavilion, after all, he didn't take care of it properly.

"My master said that he already knows about it and will come back as soon as possible, but I don't think he'll be able to make it back before ten days and a half months."

Mu Qingluan said, "Why don't you guys just stay for now, and then leave when you're sure of your identity."

"That's fine."

Pill Elder looked at Jiang Chi, the latter's indifferent appearance made him feel at ease, "It will be troublesome for you during this time, I wonder how many people are still in the Starfall Pavilion today?"

Mu Qing Luan said, "Less than a hundred, Master said that the Starfall Pavilion is about to fall completely, and I don't know when it will rise again."

However, the Starfall Pavilion never seems to have risen ah.

Pill Elder was a bit embarrassed.

As the founder of the Starfall Pavilion, and as the master of the Starfall Pavilion, he had been a shirker.

Since the incident, all the affairs of the sect had fallen to the Honorable Wind.

He was used to being unrestrained and unrestrained, and wasn't fit to take charge of a large sect, plus he had to go out to look for the whereabouts of Pill Dust, which left him with even less time and energy to manage the sect's affairs.

So the decline of the Starfall Pavilion was within the purge and logic.

There was no one to blame.

Pill Dust felt that he was to blame, and if it wasn't for himself it wouldn't have happened like this today.

"It's better to wait for Honored Wind to return first." Jiang Qiao said, "It's just as well that we take a good stroll around the Starfall Pavilion during this half month."


The meaning of Jiang Chi's words was naturally understood by Pill Elder, who said, "Let's take a stroll, although I'm still only a soul body, my cultivation is no weaker than the Dou Zong, so I should be able to break through in a few days."

By then he wouldn't be afraid of the Dou Zong.

If he continued to grow and cultivate, he probably wouldn't even be afraid of Dou Zong, and he would be even more comfortable then.

But Jiang Jiang couldn't wait for that time.

"Once the events here at the Starfall Pavilion are over, he'll proceed to start hitting that Ancient Eight Clans."

Jiang Qiao pondered, "As for those clans, sects and other forces on Zhongzhou, just let fate take its course, and if you encounter them, you can hit the autumn breeze, but if you don't, forget it."

Those forces weren't that strong anyway.

The focus target was still on the Ancient Eight Clans, and that Soul Celestial Emperor would have to start the act for him before he even started.

When he, Jiang Someone, ate the flesh, what was thrown to the Soul Heaven Emperor would be not even bones, maybe just a bit of leftover soup.

The Soul Celestial Emperor was also about to become a thing of the past.

Half a month.

This time was neither too much nor too little.

It was just enough time for Jiang Chi to give himself a vacation and have a few days of peace and freedom.

Because of Mu Qingluan's guidance, they had strolled all the places they could in the Starfall Pavilion for the past half month.

It was so relaxing for a while.

The days were calm and normal, as if they were about to pass like this.

Jiang Xiao was relaxed and cozy instead.

But the Pill Elder was worried, "Alas, it's already been half a month, will that old friend of mine still have a chance to come over.

Could he have had something happen on the way, causing the delay?"

He was worried about everything he should be worried about, afraid that something big would happen, after all, anything could happen in a place like Zhongzhou.

Maybe that idle wind reverend would offend a strong person and have to cool off as well, and that would be his Pill Dust's sin.

"Don't worry, maybe people are already on their way into the Starfall Formation." Jiang Xiao said casually.

Yet the truth was....


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