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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 979 - Being Robbed (Seeking Subscription)

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Jiang Ji incarnated as Jiang Lao Devil, and wherever he went, there was a power that he raided.

For a time, Jiang Lao Devil's reputation spread.

Even those who didn't offend him couldn't escape his Five Finger Mountain, and eventually had to be beaten with an autumn wind and be good enough to send resources to count.

This was how they barely escaped.

Those who tried to resist were annihilated by Jiang Xiao in a fit of rage, and eventually nothing was left.

This scene was witnessed by Pill Elder.

He could understand why Jiang was so confident. He was so confident that he could defeat millions of people.

Who would still be the opponent with such tactics.

No one force could stop it, and he was even wondering, "Even in the Ancient Eight Clans, I don't think there's any clan that can stop this person's cultivation."

This body of strength was truly terrifying.

When he thought about it, he was so horrified that he cried and laughed, and his heart was even more inexplicable.

Soon, the reputation of the Jiang Lacking Demon Head continued to spread.

For a while, Central China was robbed.

Countless people were terrified and horrified, and endless powerful people were fearful and terrified, with a very inexplicable color in their hearts.

And so it was.

Many powers in the places Jiang Hou later passed by voluntarily dedicated their techniques, fighting skills, and collections, even if only half of them were surrendered Jiang Hou spared them.

And those forces that wanted to find a power behind them to kill Jiang Lack could only end up miserable and miserable in the end.

They probably never dreamed that such a situation would happen.

Even the forces behind that had also fallen to bad luck, even if some of them were from the Ancient Eight Clans, even if they also involved the Soul Clan.

But in the end, whether it was the Ancient Eight Clans or that Soul Clan, no one actually jumped out to accuse Jiang Xiao.

The calamity had come, and the wind and clouds were coming.

The Central State, which had been calm for many years, was also a calm pond that had become turbid due to Jiang Xiao's arrival, and many fighters and powers were inexplicably feeling a palpable sense of uneasiness.

A great calamity was coming, who could escape this calamity.

Even that major power on Central China, the Four Square Pavilion could not escape the calamity and ended up in a miserable situation.

Perhaps many people had never dreamed of when a character like Jiang Xiao had appeared under the heavens and earth, and that he still had such a means to display.

This was definitely not something an ordinary person could have, it was so terrifying that it made the Central China realm start to feel panic.

It was a calamity.

This was the destiny.

Very quickly, Jiang Hou settled one or two more forces.

He clapped his palms and handed the scavenged resources to Qinglian, saying, "Girl, you must cultivate well, there's still a long road ahead, hopefully you'll become an immortal by the time this seat leaves."

Many resources were actually out of his sight.

But they were of great use to Qing Scales, so he put them in his Nascent Ring and threw them at him.

Qing Scales heard the words but was busy saying, "Duke, you're leaving?"


Jiang nodded and explained, "I'm all powerful through the mysteries, and I'll leave when the plan is over, I'm sure I'll have become an immortal by then, so it's time for me to leave."

"Then can I go with you?" Qing Scales said, "I've also cultivated to become an immortal, can I also leave with you?

Your son should know clearly that Greenscale has no family or friends in this world, only you treat me the best, your son.


She wanted to follow along.

Even if it meant going to another world, she was willing.

Take someone with her?

Jiang Ji shook his head, "I am leaving this world and the Dou Qi Continent, taking you away will harm you instead.

If it's fate, you and I might still have a chance to meet again, so you don't need to worry about anything.

Girl, you're pure of heart, most suitable for immortal cultivation.

So I can't be your hang-up, you have to walk the road ahead by yourself, after all, there is no feast that doesn't end.

I'll still leave after all."

Qing Scales: "........"

Jiang Xiao's words made her tears stop flowing out, and she even felt that it was her own son who didn't want her.

Otherwise, how could he be so cruel.

"But Qing Scales still has to serve the Duke." Qing Scales continued, "I still want to continue listening to your teachings, Duke."

"You'll understand later."

Jiang Ji could only smile bitterly, "Now that this journey has passed, I've already gained a lot, and the time to part is gradually approaching."


Although the Ninth Grade Dao Skill hadn't been elevated to the next realm, it was already infinitely close.

It would be logical to go for a breakthrough at that time.

Human Immortal.

A realm of becoming an immortal.

He was looking forward to the improvement of the Ninth Grade Dao, "Maybe I'll be able to polish this realm in a rounded manner."

He was still very confident about this.

Pill Elder: "........"

What do you mean?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

That was true.

It was indeed because Jiang Lack's fame was so great that many forces had made a temporary decision to move away from their original address.

This way no one dared to say anything more.

Since it was fine as long as they avoided Jiang Lack, many people had learned to be smart so that they would have a great advantage.

So not excited.

Quite happy, how good it was to be saved from a calamity by successfully avoiding Old Devil Jiang.

The reason for speeding up was only felt by Jiang Ji after entering Zhongzhou, he could clearly sense that this heaven and earth was deeply repelling him, and this feeling became more terrifying as time went on.

It was terrifying.

It was also truly a bit creepy and horrifying a bit.

It was unthinkable that this heaven and earth would actually actively start rejecting itself, "Is it because I've broken through to the Great Perfection of Merging Dao Realm, and have infinitely approached that level of Xian, and have also infinitely reached the peak of this world?"

But Immortals were not Dou Di.

Immortals were even more powerful than Dou Di.

"Or rather, this Dou Qi Continent is originally a small thousand world, so its bearing limit is limited, at most to the level of Xian."

Jiang Ji suddenly frowned and intoned, "So it seems that if I want to break through to the Xian level, I'll need to keep pressing back a bit."

Because once a breakthrough was made, it meant that he had to leave immediately.

Otherwise, the world wouldn't be able to accommodate him, and it might even cause the collapse of the world, which would be a great sin.

--Although he Jiang Xiao wasn't afraid, there were some familiar people in this world after all, and these people would die once the world collapsed.

After thinking about these things, Jiang Kou accelerated his speed quite a bit.

It then proceeded in a visible manner, pushing across and crushing over, calling all of those powers on the Middle Kingdom's territory to suffer.

Old Devil Jiang was truly too terrifying.

It was also too strong.

They were no match for them, and they were no match at all.

Half a month later, there were howls of grief all over Central State, and countless powers were screaming miserably.

It was so depressing.

A month later, Jiang Qiao pushed past no one daring to say anything else.

Because those who spoke nonsense were already dead.

Three months later, Jiang Xiao's group had reached the edge of the Heavenly Star Mountain Range, where the Starfall Pavilion, which the Pill Dust Pill Elder had once created together with the Honorable Wind Leisure, was located.

During these three months, they had pushed through countless sects, families and other forces, and had also killed many people.

It was as if they had been plowed over with an iron plow on the entire Central Region, it was so overbearing.

It was also truly somewhat tragic.

Even though everyone from the Ancient Eight Clans came out later and joined forces to investigate Jiang Xiao's identity, they didn't dare to provoke him.

Because there were already people from the Ancient Eight Clans who had provoked him, and as a result, they had either been beaten in the autumn or had died.

As for revenge, Jiang Lack was quite welcome to it.

The more people from the Ancient Eight Clans came, the better, and then he would save the effort of searching for them individually.

I wonder how those Ancient Eight Clans would feel if they knew what Jiang Hou's thoughts were.

Tsk, tsk!

Ever since the Pill Elder had witnessed Jiang Xiao's suppression of the forces in Central China, he had put Jiang Xiao on the list of those not to be offended.

If the Hall of Souls and the Soul Clan only made him angry and annoyed, then Jiang Lack was an existence that could not be provoked even more.

"Daoist Jiang is so strong that it is rare in the world."

Pillow Dust secretly pondered as he led the way for Jiang Ji, "It seems that when I get to the Starfall Pavilion, I'll have to persuade that old friend to contribute all of the Starfall Pavilion's techniques and fighting skills, and maybe even get some feedback from Daoist Jiang.

Otherwise, the consequences will only remain unpredictable ah."

He didn't think that the Starfall Pavilion would be able to escape, with his understanding of Jiang Liao, this was definitely a guy who wouldn't stop until he reached his goal, "It's just that he's still very strong."

This was embarrassing.

How could an ordinary person have this kind of skill.

It was originally aimed at the Star Meteor Pavilion, so Pill Elder knew very well that the Star Meteor Pavilion could not escape the fate of being beaten up by Jiang Chi.

"It's just that..."

The thing that worried Pill Elder was that after so many years, what would Starfall Pavilion look like when it was under the control of Wind Zun, "Will he agree with what I'm doing?

Will it be directly against Jiang Daoist ah, then the Starfall Pavilion is afraid that it will offend Jiang Daoist, right?"

After all, the vicissitudes of the world were already different.

The human heart was the most unpredictable, and he, Pill Dust, didn't want to measure anything, as he was inherently afraid to do so in his heart.

"Forget it, just let nature take its course."

He felt that worrying didn't seem to help, so it would be better to just be clear with the Wind Reverend, "At the worst, I'll just throw away my skin when the time comes, and this is also for the sake of keeping the Starfall Pavilion ah."

But not for himself.

Such a thing as Zhongzhou being robbed was not actually known to the Star Meteor Pavilion that was in the Heavenly Star Mountains.

It was because since Pill Dust had disappeared, Venerable Wind had been searching for him, so much so that he didn't even consider developing the Star Meteor Pavilion as his main business.

In addition, it was located in the depths of the Heavenly Star Mountain Range, and the Star Meteorite Formation was enveloping it, so no one bothered it, and the Star Meteorite Pavilion's disciples wouldn't go out if they didn't have anything to do.

Instead, they looked like they were isolated from the rest of the world, calling for envy.

Naturally, the reputation of Jiang Lacking Jiang Old Devil did not spread to the Starfall Pavilion.

As it approached the Heavenly Star Mountain Range, Pill Elder said, "This, is the Heavenly Star Mountain Range, a good place that my old friend, Reverend Wind Idle, and I once searched for countless years to find."

"Not bad."

Even Jiang Ji couldn't help but exclaim, "There is a large natural forest and sea here, forming a natural Starfall Formation, you guys have thought of it well."

The Starfall Formation was truly remarkable.

Although it couldn't stop him, Jiang Someone was able to stop a Dou Zun strong man, unless several Dou Sheng strong men came together to attack, the Star Falling Pavilion was an invincible existence in this forest sea.

No ordinary person could break it.

The Starfall Pavilion, a sect founded by Pill Dust and Wind Leisure together, was a small sect.

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