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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 977 - One Man, One Sword, One Maid (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The gray emptiness was not so friendly, and when Jiang Mo's true essence drummed around his body, he repelled all that rainwater.

Able to walk smoothly in mid-air.

While standing with a negative hand, he stepped on a precious sword at the bottom of his feet, which was the evil sword, and in his hand was a golden rope.

That was the Immortal Binding Rope, which Jiang Guiao had personally refined in the beginning, but since his cultivation had risen all the way to invincibility, he had basically never performed it.

Nowadays, he was just bored and took it out and played with it somewhere inside the Vajra Bracelet.

The maid, Green Scale, on the other hand, was carefully following behind Jiang Di, also operating her True Qi to hurry up.

In addition to that, there was also a Pill Elder who was silent and cultivating in the Nascent Ring, but now he was also working hard to improve his cultivation, striving to have some strength when he arrived in Zhongzhou.

Jiang Mo's face was calm, his powerful aura wasn't put away, and no one dared to come looking for trouble.

With the evil sword at the bottom of his feet and the bound immortal rope, no one dared to say anything more on this journey.

Even if there was anger, it was just that they dared not speak up.

Some people watched Jiang Di fly by from above and felt the terrifying momentum, but they also only trembled and didn't dare to say anything.

The heart was still quite scared.

It was also quite depressing how such a strong person had passed by.

It was fortunate that they didn't hear their mutterings, or else they would have offended such a strong person, and how they would have died would be unknown.

Along the way.

Jiang Hou flew in a high-profile manner, his strength soaring like fire, quickly passing through the air in a flash of light.

It was followed by an hour's work, and they were out of the Black Cape Domain.

Only after Jiang Hou's figure had completely disappeared did Xiao Yan slowly leave.

He said grudgingly, "Let's go, everyone should disperse, Master has already gone far away, and after he leaves for the Canaan Academy this time, there is no telling when he will be able to return."

This kind of separation made one feel distant.

It was hard to say whether they could still wait for Jiang Xiao's arrival, and it seemed hard to say whether it would be vicissitudes or things would be different by then.

Hai Bodong, Yun Yun and the others were all reluctant to leave, and had planned to follow Jiang Xiao all the way.

Unfortunately, it was fate.

Everything seemed to be extraordinarily flat and frustrating.

No one spoke for a while, and no one spoke much else, silently walking back.

Above the Nine Heavens.

Between the clouds and mist, Jiang Xiao condensed a cloud with his own true essence, brought the little green scales with him, put away the scarlet evil sword, and made to go like soaring clouds and mist.

It could be considered as enjoying a bit.

After all, the journey was far away and they always had to enjoy something and experience something.

The high speed flight was seen by others as a ray of light, flickering past, and whirling around and gone in the blink of an eye.

One man, one sword, one maid.

It was just a rush, flying away like a comet streak of light, calling out to those who were looking up at it.

It was truly envious.

Soaring clouds and fog, this kind of thing was never heard of by people in the Dou Qi Continent, especially in a place like the Northwest Region of the Dou Qi Continent.

A strong Dou Zong was an ancestor, and a Dou Zun was the top of the sky.

To them, this was simply a miracle, kneeling up and praying to the heavens for a little chance.

It was just that no matter what they said, Jiang Jian didn't pay attention or stop.

Right now, his target was the Central State of the Dou Qi Continent, that extraordinary place.

The Ancient Eight Clans, each of them had too much to call for a huge harvest.

So he wanted it badly.

Not to mention the treasures of each clan, there must be endless resources as well, after all, the Ancient Eight Clans had collected them for thousands of years.

"Hehe, this time I, Jiang Hou, might have to scavenge all the resources of that Ancient Eight Clans!"

After all, what was it that the Ancient Eight Clans themselves didn't want, if not for him to collect.

He looked calm, and a face that was like a blade was filled with coldness and angularity.

Thinking about the future, he fell to laughing himself, "Perhaps, they Ancient Eight Clans never dreamed that I, Jiang Someone, would be their nightmare."

Of course, at this moment, Jiang Lack's reputation was far from spreading, so naturally, no one knew about it.

Qingscale carefully followed Jiang Liao's side, but was a little worried, "Gongzi's expression is strange, and I don't know what he's thinking about."

She always felt that Jiang Qian's appearance was a bit unnatural, like a kind of person who wanted to laugh but had to hold back a bit.

Very surprising.

It was also very surprising, and for a moment the little maid, Green Scale, was confused, "Maybe that's what makes him different, Duke."

It was probably one aspect of getting stronger, otherwise a strong man like Jiang Chi without any quirks would all feel abnormal.

Jiang Mo probably didn't know that the little maid in front of him was actually thinking like this.

Or rather, all of his thoughts were actually on Zhongzhou, and if he could reach Zhongzhou quickly, his good days would come for Jiang someone.

"First, we'll clean up all those clans on Central State one by one, and then we'll clean up the Ancient Eight Clans as well, and then we'll go back to the Magma World to get more exotic fires."

This was the goal he had planned for himself, he was only going to clean up and scavenge, and he might be able to gain endless benefits from it all.

It was exciting to think about.

Not to mention the Ancient Eight Clans, just the ones on the Middle Kingdom's land mass, there was a huge amount of techniques and fighting skills, as well as endless wealth resources.

And all these things would belong to him, Jiang Someone.

That was why he was happy.

"And with my means, it will be enough to stop God and Buddha from killing Buddha!"

It was assumed that with those people on the Central State boundary, it should not be enough to resist his various tactics.

Pillow Lao had already guessed a few points of Jiang Ji's purpose for going to Zhongzhou, probably looking at those sects in the Zhongzhou land realm, as well as the Ancient Eight Clans.

Although Pill Elder also had some suspicions that Jiang Chi's strength probably couldn't stand up to any of the Ancient Eight Clans.

After all, there were many people, countless geniuses, and countless strong people that they had cultivated over the years.

To think of fighting the entire Far Eight Clans with one's own strength, it was a bit mysterious and dreamy, but it sounded quite mysterious.

It made him still a little weepy.

But the Pill Elder didn't say anything, "At worst, I'll just persuade him properly when the time comes, maybe once he sees how powerful the Ancient Eight Clans are, he'll extinguish his thoughts of raiding the Ancient Eight Clans.

Although I also want to see him suppress the Ancient Eight Clans with his strength.

But that's too mysterious, each of the Ancient Eight Clans has a powerful heritage, some of which has been around for tens of thousands of years.

This kind of heritage is enough for them to deal with any hostile forces, and Jiang Daoist probably won't be able to do it."

This was still clear to Pill Elder, who felt that no matter how strong Jiang Qian was, he was definitely no stronger than the Ancient Eight Clans.

After all, people's Ancient Eight Clans had all produced Dou Di in their ancestors, and even if they were now in decline, even if the Ancient Eight Clans were all greatly inferior to what they used to be, yet they weren't something that Jiang Hou could deal with.

"The Ancient Eight Clans can't be moved, but those sects in Zhongzhou can."

Pill Elder, within his Nascent Ring, also secretly pondered, "Although those sects basically have the Ancient Eight Clans behind them, although they are all considered to be peripheral forces of the Ancient Eight Clans.

However, their ties aren't that strong, and those sects aren't that important."

So those sects on the Central State's territory could actually still be moved.

At least that's how Pill Elder felt, and he all wanted to have a good talk with Jiang Xiao at a critical moment.

It would be bad if he didn't get a double-take when he went to Central State.

Jiang Ji was flying unrestrainedly in mid-air, and the days were passing uneventfully.

He was excited, and although he encountered many powerful sects and families along the way, none of that mattered to him.

As long as it wasn't a different fire he didn't need to take care of it, while those who dared to cause trouble were all killed by him.

The Evil Sword's Sword Qi rolled and suddenly those people were lifeless, they didn't even know how they died.

Of course, there were those who were brave enough to go on the offensive, trying to overwhelm Jiang Xiao with their numbers.

But Jiang Chi didn't think so. It was better for a group of people to come, and another scarlet sword qi flew past.

He didn't even move his hand, but the Evil Sword did it on its own with a thought.

As for the Immortal Binding Rope, it really became the same thing that Jiang Di played with in his hands.

And then there was nothing else.

It also didn't seem to be of any use, it looked like it called for a sigh of relief, and if those immortal cultivators in the Blue Xuan Continent knew about it, they would definitely curse Jiang Lack for being a loser.

If he wasn't a loser, why would he play with the Immortal Binding Rope, it was obviously because he was too loser.

As such, several months passed.

This day.

Jiang Xiao was calmly flying through the air, but suddenly, he saw an incredible scene, and a brand new environment appeared.

"This should be the edge of the Central State, and we've entered it."

At some point the Pill Elder had emerged and continued, "Zhongzhou is a place of outstanding people and I haven't been back for many years."

He had a special complex.

Back when he, Pill Dust, was famous in Central State, there were still few powerful alchemists in the world.

It was a time of rising winds and strong men, but also a time of yearning, reminiscing, and even magnificent age.

He yearned for it.

It was a pity that because of a series of events that happened later on, it led to a tangled feud between him and the Hall of Souls, and he even got involved with the Soul Race side.

In the end, it had been decades since his flesh had been destroyed due to being betrayed by Han Feng, "Now that I'm back, I'm just afraid that things are long gone."

Things rest.

This was the truth of the saying that people leave tea cold.

After all, he had been away for too long, although decades were nothing to a cultivator, and although he, Pill Dust, also considered himself to have made friends that were all worthy of deep friendship and trust.

However, after these decades had passed like a white horse, he actually had no bottom in his heart.

"Pill Elder, don't worry, everything will be fine."

Jiang Chi faintly advised, "You don't have to worry about anything over there at the Soul Hall and the Soul Clan, all together I'm here.

Honestly speaking, I'm rather hoping that the Soul Palace or the Soul Clan will come looking for me now, then I'll be able to take action against them in a logical manner."

Now it's a bit of a misnomer, a bit of a teacher without a name.

Pill Elder: "......."

Although Jiang Ji's words reassured him, he also cried and laughed as he said under his breath, "It might have been fine if it was really as you said, except that after coming to Central State, the place became different and more complicated.

After all, this is Central State!"

A place of heavenly pride, a place of magnificent splendor!


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